Bilde Hengekøye med myggnetting

The Ticket To The Moon hammock is made of high-grade parachute material (silk nylon), which adapts to your body. This parachute fabric is both robust and very comfortable, a great combination of elasticity and breathability, and a hammock that provides perfect body support without pressure points. And a stainless steel hook for extra safety during installation. Our hammock is also ideal for occasional relaxation, hiking in the woods, hunting, fishing, or a midday nap.

Like lying and relaxing on the moon!

Ticket To The Moon has been tested in all climates worldwide since 1996, the parachute hammock was made by travelers for travelers. The hammock is ultra-lightweight and takes up little space in the backpack. An ideal protection against insects and small crawling animals, it can easily replace your tent: lightweight and can withstand a lot.
You can set up the hammock in less than a minute!

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Hammock with Mosquito Net

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