Insurance bilde

This is in the rental agreement for the bikes we rent out.

Deposit and security

It is not uncommon when renting a bike to ask for a deposit and a security deposit. If something is wrong when the bike is returned, the security deposit can be used to compensate for the damage.

With us, the security deposit is 50 euros for the city bike and 250 euros for our beautiful E-bikes.

To prevent theft, we make a copy of a valid identity card, as well as some personal details (email address, phone number, name, address, and the like). We take into account privacy laws.

In the event of damage or theft, the renter is responsible for this.

Actually, it is very simple: the renter rents and uses the bike at his own responsibility. If the renter has liability insurance or travel insurance, that should pose a few problems.

Late return of the bike;

For each hour started, a full hour will be charged.

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